Luxury Car Rental in Tokyo

"A Wonderful Day" is a mobility concierge service designed to enhance the experience of foreign visitors in Japan. Choose your preferred car from our lineup. We offer a complimentary 15-minute tutorial for first-time drivers in Japan, conducted by our staff who will explain traffic rules. Additionally, we provide lead car options led by professional bilingual staff.


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Requirements / Benefits

  • Minimum age: 26+

    Minimum age: 26+

  • 48-hour advance booking

    48-hour advance booking

  • Security deposit

    Security deposit

  • International driving permit<br>(IDP)

    International driving permit

  • Insurance included

    Insurance included

  • No need to return<br>with a full tank

    No need to return
    with a full tank

  • Highway Free

    Highway Free

  • Free delivery to your hotel

    Free delivery to your hotel

  • Driving instruction

    Driving instruction

Recommended Spots

  • Tokyo Road Trip

    Tokyo City Drive
    Total Distance 40km~

  • Daikoku PA Tour

    Daikoku PA Tour
    Total Distance 70km~

  • Yokohama Road Trip

    Yokohama Road Trip
    Total Distance 80km~

  • Kamakura Round Trip

    Kamakura Round Trip
    Total Distance 100km~

  • ATAMI Round Trip

    ATAMI Round Trip
    Total Distance 200km~

  • HAKONE Round Trip

    HAKONE Round Trip
    Total Distance 220km~

  • FUJI Round Trip

    FUJI Round Trip
    Total Distance 200km~

  • KAWAGUCHIKO Round Trip

    KAWAGUCHIKO Round Trip
    Total Distance 220km~

  • NIKKO Round Trip

    NIKKO Round Trip
    Total Distance 320km~

  • KARUIZAWA Round Trip

    KARUIZAWA Round Trip
    Total Distance 350km~

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