Club AWD

Club AWD

Club AWD Membership Eligibility Criteria:

Age Limit: The minimum age requirement to become a member is 26 years old. This condition reflects AWD's philosophy and respect for cultural heritage, seeking a certain level of experience and maturity.
Respect for Mobility Experience: AWD considers mobility not just as a means of transportation but as a part of human history, cultural heritage, and a show of respect for the manufacturers. Members are expected to resonate with this philosophy and express these values through their mobility experiences.
Love for Nature: AWD members are expected to respect the natural environment. Love for nature and environmental consideration is a moral value required of members.
Adherence to Public Rules: Members must comply with public rules and traffic regulations, ensuring safe mobility experiences. Social responsibility and rule adherence are essential requirements for membership.

Invitation and Referral System:

Referral by Current Members: Current CLUB AWD members can refer new members. This approach allows members to invite individuals they trust within their community.
Referral by Partner Companies: Referrals from companies partnering with AWD are also welcome. Partner companies share AWD's values and have the opportunity to recommend new members.
Invitations from AWD: CLUB AWD itself extends direct invitations to individuals or organizations with a proven track record and reputation.

Assessment and Achievement:

To become a member, applicants are subject to a thorough assessment. This evaluation considers a member's achievements and suitability, ensuring that AWD maintains a community of the most suitable members. Assessment criteria include a safe driving record, environmental considerations, contributions to the community, and more.

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